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Cylindrical roller bearings 

Cylindrical roller and raceway contact bearings . Load capacity, mainly bear radial load. Rolling ring wall with small friction , suitable for high-speed rotation . According to ring without ribs can be divided into NU, NJ, NUP, N, NF and other single row bearings , and NNU, NN and other double row bearings. The bearing is the inner, outer separable structure . Inner or outer wall of the cylindrical roller bearings, the inner and outer rings can be relative to the axial movement , so it can be used as a free- end bearings . In the inner and outer side of a double wall , the other side of the ring has a single wall of the cylindrical roller bearings, can withstand a certain degree of axial load in one direction . General use of steel stamping cage, or copper alloy machined cage . But there is a polyamide forming cage .

Main purpose:

Medium-sized motors, locomotives , machine tool spindle , internal combustion engines , generators, gas turbines , gear boxes, rolling mill , vibrating screen and lifting and transport machinery.

Cylindrical roller bearings Features:
1 roller and raceway contact or repair offline contacts, radial load capacity, suitable to withstand heavy load and shock load .
2 small friction coefficient, suitable for high speed , speed close to deep groove ball bearings.
3. N type and NU type can move axially , to accommodate misalignment due to thermal expansion or of the shaft and the housing due to changes in relative position , can be used for supporting the free end .
4 pairs of shaft or housing bore machining higher, bearing outer ring axis relative deflection after installation should be strictly controlled to avoid contact stress concentration .
5 inner or outer ring detachable, easy installation and removal.

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